The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies is a world leading independent energy research institute specialising in […]
MOVE2CCAM aims to develop an assessment tool though Systems Dynamic Modelling (SDM). The tool will enable stakeholders […]
The MOVE2CCAM project aims to develop a tool for assessing the impact of autonomous vehicles (AVs) […]
Are you a German organisation involved in Germany’s transition to CCAM? We are excited to extend […]
Back on March 16th, 2023, Gemeente Helmond hosted an inspiring co-creation workshop at the renowned Automotive […]
On March 16th, 2023, our 2nd co-creation workshop, this time involving citizens, was a remarkable success! […]
The AUTONOMY MOBILITY WORLD EXPO attracts 200+ exhibitors, 300+ speakers, and 8,000+ participants, making it the world’s […]
Stuttgart, Germany, September 14, 2022: BABLE Smart Cities hosts the Kick-Off Meeting of the MOVE2CCAM project. […]
It is also a unique region consisting of nine islands -including Lesvos where several ethnic minorities […]
Is a metropolitan area consisting of 42 cities/towns and offers a unique opportunity to test and […]