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MOVE2CCAM addresses reliable and applicable scenarios, use cases and models

CCAM solutions can reduce driver´s stress, pollutant emissions, space require for parking with clear use cases showing the validity.

CCAM solutions can increase, productivity, accessibility for citizens with no access to private cars, safety, network, infrastructure, and operational efficiency with clear applicable scenarios.


MOVE2CCAM encourages further research and uptake activities for CCAM, facilitates public acceptance and adoption of CCAM solutions, enhances capacity for governance and innovation in the transport and logistic sector, and ensures economic benefits for CCAM users. 

MOVE2CCAM’s priority lies in the connection of the Satellites and the Impact Assessment Modelling Tool (IAMT):


Stakeholders orbit around the consortium to validate MOVE2CCAM’s outcomes, ensuring social innovation, and giving insights about how our tool improves health and wellbeing of regions and cities.


MOVE2CCAM envisages the development of a novel and practical CCAM impact assessment modelling tool (CCAM IAMT), which will enable the Satellites’ stakeholders to discover new behavioral and operational elements on network efficiency and mobility. Coming soon!

MOVE2CCAM is an initiative for today and tomorrow

MOVE2CCAM will explore the multisystem impact of CCAM passenger and freight solutions by engaging multidisciplinary and multi-systems network of representative actors across the whole CCAM ecosystem, balancing the needs of all stakeholders, and promoting responsible innovation across regions. 


BABLE Smart Cities

Has expertise in supporting transitions in urban environments through business models and has thousands of subscribers in their platform, is responsible for the CCAM prototype business models, the dissemination and exploitation of the outcomes, the project coordination with the support of UCL, and contributes to building the Satellites.


Has a citizen engagement platform used by several companies to engage with the community and understand their needs for designing their products; as such, it is involved in the data collection tools design.


Has expertise in analysing CCAM user requirements, needs and impacts and it will support the organisation of the training course in the US.


Is a multidisciplinary research institute with expertise in social and environmental lifecycle analysis and use cases, scenarios and KPIs.


Is a transport-related software development company and it will lead the development of the IAMT and the Data Warehouse.


Has a strong team with a background in SSH (psychology, sociology, communication) and extensive expertise in stakeholder engagement and has successfully delivered a project using similar engagement methods for organisations and citizens to the UK Department for Transport; as such it is the ideal partner to lead WP2, the building and engagement of the Satellites and contribute to the design of the data collection tools and citizens impact analysis.


Has expertise in open science, different types of market research including also vulnerable population groups, user requirements analysis, impact assessment frameworks, and policy recommendations, and will lead the data collection tools design and the analysis of the organisations and citizens’ needs and impacts.

The Oxford institute for energy studies

The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies is a world leading independent energy research institute specialising in advanced research into the economics and geopolitics of the energy transition and international energy across oil, gas and electricity markets.

Prototypical Regions

The North Aegean Region

Aunique region consisting of nine islands- including Lesvos where several ethnic minorities exist – allowing us to explore the CCAM needs of several vulnerable population groups.


Is a metropolitan area consisting of 42 cities/towns and offers a unique opportunity to test and validate the IAMT, explore CCAMs impacts for within the city and intercity mobility as well as to reach rural and elderly citizens.

Gemeente Helmond

Is a medium-sized city having done several steps towards adopting CCAM solutions; Helmond organises the Satellites engagement activities in the area, hosts the AV demonstration, and leads the efforts of providing feedback to develop the IAMT.


Work package 1

Setting the ground: Scope, Use cases, KPIs roadmap

Lead Partner: CARTIF

Work package 2

Satellites network and engagement

Lead Partner: Britain Thinks

Work package 3

Data, impact analysis & mapping

Lead Partner: UCL

work pacakage 4

CCAM impact asessment tool

Lead Partner: Moby X

work package 5

Dissemination, exploitation & communication

Lead Partner: BABLE Smart Cities

work package 6

Project management & ethics

Lead Partner: BABLE Smart Cities