The MOVE2CCAM Satellite network is composed of a multidisciplinary and multi-systems network of representative actors across the whole CCAM ecosystem, consisting of organisations/industry, authorities/regulatory bodies, and citizens.

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MOVE2CCAM has different activities with organisations and citizens

These activities will be directed to the Satellites network! 

Activities with organisations

MOVE2CCAM works with organisations from the Satellites at two levels, the Pan-European level and the prototypical cities level, aiming to achieve the derivation of CCAM needs and expected impacts from different geographies and cultures.

activities with citizens 

MOVE2CCAM works with citizens from the Satellites at two levels, the Pan-European and the prototypical cities, in order to explore and analyse their needs, their concerns and requirements about tangible and latent aspects that are related to CCAM solutions and debate on the expected impact that they may have on their travel behaviour and well being in general.

activities with organisations and citizens 

After deriving the requirements and expected CCAM impacts from the organisations and citizens separately, we will organise scenario social simulation experiments where organisations and citizens from the Satellites will be brought together to creatively experiment CCAM new ideas and then face the outcomes of their decisions and debate on them.


We aim to co-design use cases, scenarios and KPIs, and to identify and debate on the expected impact of the use cases and scenarios in different horizons

Between the 2nd to the 12th of March, MOVE2CCAM held their second round of co-creation activities with citizens. The North Aegean Islands and GZM metropolis, made a workshop on Lesvos and Ikira with around 30 citizens to co-create CCAM co-create different CCAM use cases, scenarios and […]
In April, we are having our third stakeholder activity! Taking the results from the co-created CCAM use cases, Satellites in our three regions and across Europe will work together to construct prototype business models. This workshop will allow us to assess how these use cases can […]
On the 14th of March, we had some interesting insights into the challenges, descriptions and details of different vehicles and how the CCAM systems can impact them. We brought together a multi-disciplinary group of organisations from Spain, UK, Germany, and France to co-create based on their […]
Back on March 16th, 2023, Gemeente Helmond hosted an inspiring co-creation workshop at the renowned Automotive Campus. This dynamic event brought together a diverse group of 10 participants representing various organisations, including research and technology firms, academic institutions, mobility operators, and NGOs (including the Association for […]
On March 16th, 2023, our 2nd co-creation workshop, this time involving citizens, was a remarkable success! A total of 23 engaged citizens participated in discussions about automated mobility. Key topics included vehicle safety, travel costs, and the introduction of new services. Participants were delighted to learn […]

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