Is a medium-sized city having done several steps towards adopting CCAM solutions; Helmond organises the Satellites […]
Has expertise in supporting transitions in urban environments through business models and has thousands of subscribers […]
Has a citizen engagement platform used by several companies to engage with the community and understand […]
Is a multidisciplinary research institute with expertise in social and environmental lifecycle analysis and use cases, […]
Has expertise in analysing CCAM user requirements, needs and impacts and it will support the organisation […]
Has a strong team with a background in SSH (psychology, sociology, communication) and extensive expertise in […]
Is a transport-related software development company and it will lead the development of the IAMT and […]
Has expertise in open science, different types of market research including also vulnerable population groups, user […]
MOVE2CCAM was invited by the European Commission to participate in a session entitled “Making CCAM a […]
The MOVE2CCAM project (MethOds and tools for comprehensive impact Assessment of the CCAM solutions for passengers and goods […]